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A normal paragraph will look like this and be this sized font with this amount of space between the lines.  Engenium has a lot to offer if you want to make an impact by doing work that really matters, while learning from the best. Our fantastic team will mentor, coach and encourage you to develop your potential. Engenium’s success is built on recognising the importance of everyone’s contributions and we regularly attend technical events, help staff achieve certification, and offer a mixture of rewards and benefits.



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You, the client and the commercial success of your development is at the very heart of what we do. Our engineering led, lead design consultant approach optimises the commercial outcomes for your development.


  • Structural and civil engineering design
  • Lead Design Consulting


And it incorporates, through our long established alliances, the design services of Fire, Mechanical, Electrical and Geotechnical engineering.


Ready for a solution ?


Contact us for a free consulation.



Quality Building Design

We recognise that many of our Clients are either the end user or developers expecting a high resale value in their project. With this in mind we ensure our projects incorporate durable and robust systems that offer minimal maintenance and maximise sale value.


Detailed Buildability Assessment

Due to our detailed documentation, we think through all construction details in conjunction with the construction methodology to ensure the builder can proceed with construction as fast as possible.


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